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Arno Köster

born in 1964, is a German journalist, author and presenter. He lives and works in Leipzig. Köster studied politics, history and philosophy. He later worked for the German broadcasting corporations SWR and MDR, as well as various private radio stations. As a freelance author he has published numerous books and articles in various media. In 2006 he was put in charge of public relations and fundraising for the Udo Lindenberg foundation and now coordinates their operational business.


Coverabbildung von 'Hope for Kenya'

Arno Köster - Hope for Kenya

Die Udo Lindenberg Stiftung in Afrika

Arno Köster became acquainted with the land and people of Kenya over the course of numerous visits. He has initiated and coordinated sustainable projects for the Udo Lindenberg Foundation since 2011, focusing on education and water supply. “Hope for Kenya” tells of the successes, problems and outcomes of the aid. Stakeholders, aid workers, project leaders, as well as local partners and friends of the Udo Lindenberg Foundation have their say. Köster describes a country that is undergoing great changes. He draws a picture that reveals the numerous facets of Kenya between modernity and tradition, corruption and tribal politics, autocracy and democracy. Above it all rests the hope for a better future.