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Ashwien Sankholkar

Ashwien Sankholkar

Born in 1975, Ashwien Sankholkar is an Austrian economic journalist. As a reporter for the weekly magazine “Format” he has exposed Austria’s biggest economic and political scandals, including the Buwog, Meinl and Immofinanz affairs. In 2011 Sankholkar was awarded the “Alfred Worm-Preis für investigativen Journalismus” in recognition of his achievements in unmasking malpractice. His current book published by Residenz Verlag: "Der geplünderte Staat und seine Profiteure".


Coverabbildung von 'Der geplünderte Staat und seine Profiteure'

Ashwien Sankholkar - The plundered state and its profiteers

Who can see through the jungle of Austria’s latest economic scandals? What caused them, who was pulling which strings and who made money out of them? Following years of research, investigative journalist Ashwien Sankholkar looks for answers and documents the nation’s most controversial corruption cases. Each one is like a crime thriller – from the Eurofighter scandal to the Buwog affair, from the Telekom Austria case to the Burgtheater scandal. But how did the mismanagement occur? Was it preventable? What could repeat itself? Sankholkar delivers a highly topical chronicle of the scandals and sketches out his personal approach regarding solutions. It is a spectacular book that provides a valuable contribution to the debate.