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Birgit Mosser-Schuöcker

a lawyer and author, has worked for Austrian broadcaster ORF since 2008, specialising in contemporary television documentaries. She has published non-fiction books on recent Austrian history as well as a trilogy of novels: "Der Sturz des Doppeladlers" (The Fall of the Double Eagle), "Kinder einer neuen Zeit" (Children of a New Age) and" "Die Stunde der Wölfe" (The Wolven Hour). "Freud–Adler–Frankl" (2022) was written in collaboration with Hannes Leidinger and Christian Rapp.


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Hannes Leidinger Christian Rapp Birgit Mosser-Schuöcker - Freud – Adler – Frankl

The Viennese World of Psychological Research

Sigmund Freud, Alfred Adler, Viktor Frankl – giants of Viennese intellectual life – revolutionised the science of psychological research within a strikingly short span of time. They became the founding fathers of theories and methods of treatment that are still highly influential even today: psychoanalysis, individual psychology and logotherapy. What were their social environments, how were they shaped by their family backgrounds, and what did their professional networks look like? The authors offer a gripping account of a hundred and fifty years of cultural and scientific history, shedding light on the complex relationships between these three figures.