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Christian Rapp

born 1964, is an exhibition curator and scholar in cultural studies. He lectures at the University of Vienna, the University of Applied Arts and the New Design University St. Pölten. He is widely published and has curated numerous exhibitions and museum projects on cultural and social history, both in Austria and abroad. Since January 2018, he is scientific director at Haus der Geschichte of Museum Niederösterreich. He has co-authored the book “Hitler - prägende Jahre” with Hannes Leidinger.


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Hannes Leidinger Christian Rapp - Hitler – the formative years

Childhood and youth 1889-1914

Going beyond psychological speculation, the authors close a gap in historical research by portraying Hitler's family, childhood and youth in its social and cultural context. Focusing on Hitler's time in Braunau through to his experiences in Vienna, they offer an insight into his character traits and ideological imprints. The book closely examines Hitler's personal background as well as his social environment. National fanaticism, race hatred and anti-Semitism had become firmly established in society long before Hitler and the National Socialists started their ascent. Hitler's radicalised rhetoric could only gain potency when his audience already knew what he was speaking of. Taking a fresh look, Leidinger and Rapp detail Hitler's childhood and youth from a new angle.