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Christine Sonvilla

Christine Sonvilla

Born in Klagenfurt in 1981, Sonvilla studied literature and biology and became a freelance photographer, film maker and author with emphasis on the natural world. She lives in Mürzzuschlag and specialises in species conservation issues. It’s her objective to speak out for those who cannot do so for themselves. Her work has earned her several international awards and is widely published, including in the National Geographic magazine. Most recently published: “Europas kleine Tiger” (Europe’s little tigers) (2021).


Coverabbildung von 'Europas kleine Tiger'

Christine Sonvilla - Europe's little tigers

The secret life of the wildcat

The European wildcat population is increasing its spread. Yet most people have never encountered these shy animals, which share few similarities with our domesticated felines. Roaming through the wilderness, from the Scottish Highlands to the Black Sea, they are loved by some and ignored by others. Researchers have been using smart forensic methods to learn more about their secretive life and have discovered that wildcats aren’t as solitary as has long been assumed, nor is their habitat restricted to woodlands. Christine Sonvilla has followed the trails of these striking animals and offers an insight into the hidden lives of Europe’s little tigers.