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Cordula Simon

Cordula Simon

Born in Graz in 1986, Simon studied German and Russian philology in Graz as well as Odessa, where she lived from 2011 to 2015. Her numerous publications have appeared in 'manuskripte', 'lichtungen', 'Zeit-Campus' and 'Fleisch'. In 2013 she participated in the 37th 'Tage der deutschsprachigen Literatur' literary debate. Cordula Simon was a scholarship holder of the Literarisches Colloquium Berlin and has received numerous prizes for her works. Most recently published by Residenz Verlag: 'Wie man schlafen soll' (2016), 'Der Neubauer' (2018) and 'Die Wölfe von Pripyat' (2022)


Coverabbildung von 'Die Wölfe von Pripyat'


Fast-paced and humorous, Cordula Simon's biting novel describes a future that is worryingly close to our present. Surveillance and self-regulation by means of an implanted log have become common place – those who don't participate attract suspicion. When Sandor, the weatherman on Honest Airwaves reveals the destructive intentions of the Tolerance Union while on air, the regime's response is merciless. He is persecuted relentlessly, just like the "Wolves of Pripyat", an alleged terrorist group that fights against the Consul who reigns over the Union with supposed benevolence. Simon's sweeping novel is a hallucinatory vision of a future in which even the longed-for freedom is no more than a digitally generated illusion, a particularly cunning trick of the system.

Coverabbildung von 'Mr. Neubauer'

Cordula Simon - Mr. Neubauer

“Bad people are always fine.” With this mantra and other cynical remarks, the narrator has made himself the revered as well as hated focal point of a bored upper class clique. What nobody knows is that he lives off badly paid mini jobs and a very unusual gift: alcohol turns him into a mind reader. He’s a fraud who exploits the stupidity of the shallow hipster gang, but he’s also a charming improvisation artist who finds true love in the glamorous Tarán. Driven by necessity, he entangles himself in an increasingly absurd web of lies, in which tattooed Mafia bosses and wild car chases are part of everyday life. But this balancing act only succeeds until Mr Neubauer turns up...

Coverabbildung von 'How to sleep'

Cordula Simon - How to sleep

In an unnamed wasteland we see the blinking lights of Lightraff, an artificial town that was speedily built around an oil refinery and promises work in a world destroyed by climate disasters. Koslov, a barkeeper in Darkraff, is hoping to find his luck there, just like famer Schreiber and super slick Haye, who even managed to get a job in the municipality. The three share more than their hopes for better life in Lightraff: They share a single bed in shifts – eight hours a night for each man. Once the oil runs dry and the city's tight structure starts to flail, the three bed-sharers meet for the first time. Henceforth, things simply can't go well…