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Evelyn Grill

Evelyn Grill

born in Garsten, Upper Austria in 1942, Grill is a freelance writer living in Freiburg im Breisgau and since 2017 back in Linz. In 2017 she was awarded the OÖ-Landeskulturpreis für Literatur. Published by Residenz Verlag: "Vanitas oder Hofstätters Begierden" (Vanitas or Hofstaetter's Desire) (2005, nominated for Deutscher Buchpreis), "Der Sammler" (The Collector) (2006, awarded the Otto-Stoessl-Preis), "Wilma" (new edition 2007), "Das römische Licht" (The Roman Light) (2008), "Das Antwerpener Testament" (The Antwerpian Will) (2011), "Der Sohn des Knochenzählers" (The bondedigger's son) (2013) "Der Begabte" (The Talent) (2019)  and most recently "Der Nachlass" (The Legacy) (2022).


Coverabbildung von 'Der Nachlass'

Evelyn Grill - The Legacy

An old woman sits in an armchair. Her mind turns to her Aunt Paula, from whom she inherited the piece of furniture, and to her own enforced solitude. Outside, the pandemic is raging, and she has been designated a ‘vulnerable person’. As such, she has been sequestered away as a precautionary measure – ‘kept in a sterile environment’. Maybe she’ll turn one hundred under this bell jar. Aunt Paula, on the other hand, didn’t even make it to fifty. She was deported, and the armchair is all that’s left of her. The old woman’s thoughts – sometimes clear as crystal, but growing increasingly confused – keep returning to the lives that are protected and those that are considered ‘worthless’, to social violence – and to the pleasures of not being bothered by anybody.

Coverabbildung von 'Der Begabte'

Evelyn Grill - The Talent

There's no doubt the boy is talented. They called him "little Mozart" in the town. But he's in prison now. Rightly or wrongly. Step by step, the reader descends into the depths of the boy's memory. With almost agonising artfulness, Evelyn Grill uncovers how a boy who grew up at his grandparents' home, without mother or friends, who was raised and educated, pampered and demeaned by his grandfather – the school's headmaster and an authority in town – became a suspect, perhaps even a killer. For the boy's grandmother is dead, murdered with a pickaxe, and his grandfather was at the inn when it happened. Evelyn Grill masterfully weaves together the threads of this cruel novel about everyday malice and the longing for recognition.

Coverabbildung von 'The Bonedigger’s Son'

Evelyn Grill - The Bonedigger’s Son


It’s been eight months since Titus’ mother disappeared without a trace. As a native Italian, she always remained a stranger in the village. His father had brought her with him from one of his expeditions. Rumors and suspicions quickly spread: Did she drown in the lake, did she run away with a lover, or was she the victim of a crime? Titus has been an outsider for years. He avoids people because of a burn scar in his face. The offer to live with and assist the new gravedigger seems like a good way to escape the confinement of his father’s home. As it turns out, the gravedigger is no stranger… Evelyn Grill takes her readers on a journey into a dark world full of secrets. Thrilling suspense from first to last page!

Coverabbildung von 'Das Antwerpener Testament'

Evelyn Grill - The Antwerpian will

When Henriette Stanley dies, the family standing at her grave is no longer large: There is Harry, her “mentally disturbed” son, on whom the shipowner family from Antwerp had once placed all their hopes. There is her daughter Ann with her German husband, whose marriage Henriette was unable to prevent even though it cost her Belgian inheritance after the War. And then there is the sister of her husband, who disappeared under suspicious circumstances many years before. Nobody speaks to her, even though she is the only one to know what happened to her brother and what the Antwerpian will really said. And she also knows that every attempt to forget is futile. This novel is a magnificent painting and Evelyn Gill proves her mastery with it. She recounts the story of a marriage, a novel about a family full of cracks, which reveal the chasms of an entire century.