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Florian Gantner

Florian Gantner

Born in rural Salzburg in 1980, Gantner studied comparative literature and currently lives in Vienna. His published novels are “Trockenschwimmer” (2015) and “O.M.” (2018), as well as texts in literary magazines such as “Lichtungen” and “Die Rampe”. He has won numerous awards, including the Theodor Körner Prize (2014) and a residency fellowship at the Literary Colloquium Berlin (2015). Extracts from “Soviel man weiß” (“As Far As We Know”) were awarded the Rauris sponsorship grant and the Floriana Literary Prize (both 2018). Florian Gantner is director of the festival 'Literatur findet Land' since 2019. Most recently published by Residenz Verlag: “Soviel man weiß” (2021).


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Florian Gantner - AS FAR AS WE KNOW

"We watch the watchers!" Under cover of darkness, a self-styled group of activists tries to fight back against the omnipresence of surveillance. As yet, they're only armed with spray cans. But how far should civil disobedience go? Mirjam has her doubts, while Agnes attempts to expose her unfaithful boyfriend with an app. Then there's Illir Zerai, a refugee who suffers from a persecution complex following his work for the Albanian secret service, and the student Marek, who falls in love with a stranger at a party. They all live in the same block of flats – and like all neighbours, their relationship is a mixture of need and mistrust, of helping and spying on each other. But there comes a point when you have to let go of fear.