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Gunther Neumann

Gunther Neumann

born in Linz, studied history, anthropology, law of nations and international relations at the University of Vienna, the Vienna School of International Studies and in Paris. He has held leading positions in NGOs, the OSCE, EU and UNO for many years, and has served as a foreign correspondent in Asia, Africa and South America. He has published widely on issues such as globalisation, democratisation, migration, peaceful conflict resolution/mediation and literary criticism. Neumann lives in Vienna, "Über allem und nichts" is his first novel. 



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Gunther Neumann - Above all and nothing

Clara has always been fascinated by flying. Or is it just the ability to flee that attracts her? Now, it seems she has achieved her aim. As a pilot working for a budget airline she asserts herself in a ruthless male world, conquering the skies from Bangkok to Berlin, Colombo to Cancun and Mombasa to Madrid. She can deftly steer a Boeing 777 through violent turbulences, but her own life is rapidly sliding out of control. Torn between two men and haunted by memories of early abuse, she restlessly roams through the faceless airports and foreign cities of her itinerary. It's only when she retreats to the tropical island of Sri Lanka, an island ravaged by civil war, that Clara manages to confront the ghosts of her past.