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Harald Klauhs

Born in Vienna in 1958, Klauhs studied literature and history in Vienna. He was publishing editor at Böhlau Verlag and editor of the weekly newspaper “Die Furche”. Since 1996 he has been the literary editor for the weekend supplement “Spectrum” of daily paper “Die Presse”. He was awarded the City of Vienna’s 2017 journalism prize. Most recently published: “Holl. Bilanz eines rebellischen Lebens” (2018). Together with Walter Famler he is joint editor of the complete works of Adolf Holl.


Coverabbildung von 'Tod und Teufel'

Adolf Holl Walter Famler (Edited by) Harald Klauhs (Edited by) - Tod und Teufel

Adolf Holls Buch „Tod und Teufel“, sein zweiter publizistischer Erfolg nach dem Paukenschlag von “Jesus in schlechter Gesellschaft“, ist sein vielleicht persönlichstes Werk. In ihm wird in aller Ausführlichkeit beschrieben, wie es kam, dass Holl vom Ministranten zum katholischen Priester wurde – um bald, in dieser seiner Funktion, die ein streng keusches Leben erforderte, vom schlimmsten Feind der männlichen Tugend heimgesucht zu werden: der Hinneigung zum weiblichen Geschlecht. Die Weltlichkeit des Gottesmannes und sein Sinnieren über das Zölibat gab dessen religiöser Passion von Anfang an eine ketzerische Note.

Coverabbildung von 'Jesus in schlechter Gesellschaft'

Adolf Holl Walter Famler (Edited by) Harald Klauhs (Edited by) - JESUS IN BAD COMPANY

Adolf Holl's best-seller “Jesus in schlechter Gesellschaft” / “Jesus in Bad Company” was first published in German and English fifty years ago. The book portrays Jesus as an outsider, a gentle revolutionary and social reformer who questioned dogmas and whose ideas on morality went against rigid power structures. Widely translated, Holl's depiction of Jesus was met with both fierce rejection and exultant approval far beyond Catholic circles and still provides impetus for reflection today. This anniversary issue is the first in a twelve-volume edition of Holl's complete works and includes an editor's introduction and an afterword by Horst Junginger.

Coverabbildung von 'Holl'

Harald Klauhs - Holl

An account of a rebellious life

Adolf Holl has many professions: priest, scholar, prophet, heretic, writer, provocateur and eroticist. Born in Vienna in 1930 and ordained to priesthood in 1954, his international best-seller “Jesus in Bad Company” (1971, originally published in German as “Jesus in schlechter Gesellschaft”) brought him into conflict with the Catholic Church. As a result, his licence to teach was withdrawn and he was suspended from his priestly duties. His quick-witted questioning earned him rebuke from church authorities, but also great prominence. Harald Klauhs, a highly knowledgeable authority on Holl’s work, has now written a biography of this wayward thinker. Holl’s life as a tour de force through western intellectual history is at the same time a description of the Second Austrian Republic.