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Jad Turjman

Jad Turjman

was born in 1989, studied English literature and worked for the Damascus city administration. He has lived in Salzburg since 2015 and works for the youth initiative 'Akzente Salzburg'. Turjman wrote his debut novel "Wenn der Jasmin auswandert" (When the Jasmine leaves) (2019) in German.


Coverabbildung von "Wenn der Jasmin auswandert"

Jad Turjman Karim El-Gawhary (Foreword by) - When the Jasmine leaves

The story of my escape

There is a longing. A longing for a certain sensation, for a home town called Damascus, for the smell of jasmine. Jad Turjman is a young Syrian who enjoys his life to the full until war breaks out. When his call-up order arrives, he is quick to decide: fleeing to Europe is his only option if he wants to escape certain death. His chosen path is risky and arduous, but he encounters five "guardian angels" along the way. Eventually Turjman arrives in a place that he did not seek, where he is able to plant his jasmine again. Jad Turjman describes his escape with unparalleled intensity and sharp humour, subjecting the reader to a roller-coaster of emotions. Breathtaking.