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Jan Jiracek von Arnim

Jan Jiracek von Arnim

born 1973 in Hannover, studied piano under Hans Leygraf in Salzburg and Berlin and won numerous competitions. Jiracek has had an international concert career and has been a professor for piano at the University of Music and Performing Arts in Vienna since 2001. For further information, go to www.jiracek.com.


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Jan Jiracek von Arnim - Franz Liszt

Visionary and Virtuoso. A biography

Born in the year of the “Great Comet”, the path of this child prodigy from Raidling, Burgenland first led to Vienna and later Paris, the Mecca of the musical world at the time. There, Franz Liszt became highly successful as a piano virtuoso and led the life of a sought-after bohemian. Always searching for success as a composer, Liszt’s torn inner state marked his artistic development as much as his love affairs. After concert tours through all of Europe, he was appointed director of Weimar’s court orchestra, where he helped Richard Wagner’s opus achieve a breakthrough. Jan Jiracek von Arnim embarks on a fascinating journey exploring the composer’s life. He follows Liszt’s years on the road as a virtuoso, visionary, musical pioneer, superstar and soul-searcher as he takes a closer look at the person and musician. The result is this magnificent portrait of an exceptional artist.