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Kaska Bryla

born in Vienna, Bryla grew up in Vienna and Warsaw. She studied economics in Vienna and subsequently attended the Deutsches Literaturinstitut in Leipzig, where in 2015 she co-founded the literary magazine and author network PS-Politisch Schreiben. She was editor of the monthly magazine an.schläge and has been awarded the STARTStipendium (2013) and the Exil Preis für Prosa (2018). In 2020 her highly acclaimed debut novel "Roter Affe" (Red Monkey) was published. 2022 her second novel "Die Eistaucher" (The Ice Divers) has been published. www.kaskabryla.com

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Coverabbildung von 'Die Eistaucher'

Kaska Bryla - The Ice Divers

Iga the skateboarder, the beautiful Jess and their chubby friend Ras are outsiders at their school, but the bond between them is strong. Secretive and inseparable, they call themselves the "Ice Divers". One night, the youngsters witness a brutal assault by the police. When the iniquity remains without repercussions, they decide to take the law into their own hands. Twenty years later, a mysterious stranger turns up who seems to know about the act of revenge that took place all that time ago. The precarious balance is under threat. Kaśka Bryla skilfully weaves a gripping story about the causes of radicalisation into a plea for solidarity and love. Not for the faint-hearted, this novel will be warmly embraced by passionate spirits!

Coverabbildung von 'Roter Affe'

Kaska Bryla - Red Monkey

Roland K., multiple murderer and rapist, is serving his sentence in Berlin’s Moabit prison. His connection to Mania, the prison psychologist, seems deeper than a few therapy sessions might suggest. When Mania’s childhood friend Tomek disappears in Vienna, she embarks on a desperate search for him with the help of Ruth, a hacker. Thus begins a dynamically narrated race against time. Will they find Tomek? Does Tomek even want to be found? And what does any of this have to do with Roland K.? With courage and verve, Kaśka Bryla intertwines the enduring questions of guilt and forgiveness, good and evil, with an unexpected love story to deliver a gripping road novel.