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Mojgan Ataollahi

Mojgan Ataollahi

born 1981 in Teheran, Iran, studied architecture, design, and interior design. She has authored stories, poetry, scripts, and plays and has contributed to newspapers and magazines. Until now, her only published work is a volume of poetry titled "Die Passanten am trübsinnigen Fenster" (Abdineh Verlag, 2013). All her other works have not received permission to be published in Iran. Resistance against censorship and self-censorship are at the heart of Mojgan Ataollahi's work.


Coverabbildung von 'Ein leichter Tod'

Mojgan Ataollahi - An Easy Death

"It took a very long time before I realized that an intact society is one in which regular people are looking for the newest novel instead of leading endless political discussions and their kids have books in their hands instead of plastic guns and swords." Mojgan Ataollahi's autobiographical novel is both moving testimony and poetically composed life story in one. The narrator's every day life is marked by violence, suppression, injustice, and misogyny. After a failed marriage, she decides to plan her suicide, which fails – in part due to almost grotesque mishaps. Her daughter's love and her defiant fight for self-determination finally give Mojgan new hope. "An Easy Death" is more than the fate of one confident woman in today's Iran: It is a vivid portrait of the entire society she lives in.