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Tara C. Meister

Tara C. Meister

born 1997 in Carinthia, studied medicine in Vienna, since autumn 2022 literary writing at the German Literature Institute Leipzig. Tara C. Meister writes short prose, spoken word and drama. Her texts have won several awards and been published in various anthologies and literary journals. In 2022, she was shortlisted for the Wortmeldungen Förderpreis and was awarded the Erostepost Literature Prize and the Förderpreis für Literatur des Landes Kärnten. "Proben" is her first novel.

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Tara C. Meister - Sample

The unpredictable but charismatic Johanna is a director in a small theatre collective. She has a close, perhaps too close, friendship with Caro, who works as a biochemist in a laboratory. When Johanna becomes unintentionally pregnant, Caro offers to raise the child together - a courageous alternative to traditional family patterns? Tara C. Meister's exciting debut novel confronts dreams with their validity in reality. She describes moments of intimacy and closeness, but also conflicts and assaults, with a light touch and a clear view. But Johanna and Caro are determined to live out their courageous decision - and to assert themselves in a world in which utopias are not intended...