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Theresia Töglhofer

Theresia Töglhofer

born 1985 in Graz. Studied history and international relations in Graz and Paris, then worked in Belgrade, Brussels, Vienna, Osijek and Berlin. Analyst for the EU's foreign and enlargement policy. Numerous scholarships and awards, including 2015 jury prize for prose at the 23rd Open Mike, 2017 scholarship holder of the Klagenfurt Literature Course, 2019 writing workshop of the Jürgen Ponto Foundation and 2023 shortlist of the Wortmeldungen Prize. Theresia Töglhofer lives in Berlin and Eastern Styria. "Tatendrang" (Zest for action) is her first novel.

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Theresia Töglhofer - Zest for action

Upon graduating, Hanna Fürst secures a highly competitive internship at the European External Office and is determined to make the most of the opportunity. Along with NGO activists Lej and Jakov, she is assigned to the “Future Working Group”, tasked with promoting the peaceful rapprochement of two warring neighbouring states on the margins of Europe. Amid the rapid pace of work, however, Hanna loses herself in the grey area between intrigue and networks. She succumbs to her fascination for the charismatic Lej, who seems to be the only one with any real plan. By refusing to get caught up in a war that has been happening since before they were born, the working group make an enemy not only of their institution but also the two nation states.