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Thomas Stollenwerk

Born in 1987 in the Rhineland, Stollenwerk grew up in Westphalia and has lived in Vienna since 2007. A political scientist by profession, he has worked as a journalist since 2013. At the heart of his research are the diverse social, ecological and economical aspects of sustainability. Since 2015 he is also chief editor of Biorama magazine. His most recent book in the "Leben auf Sicht" series: "Schwarzweißbuch Milch" (The Black and White Book of Milk, 2019).


Coverabbildung von 'Schwarzweissbuch Milch'

Thomas Stollenwerk - The Black and White Book of Milk

Milk is traditionally seen as a healthy staple food, especially in the western world. But its image has seen a significant shift in recent years. Since the cessation of EU milk quotas, the dairy industry has focused on increased production and on opening up new markets, especially in the Asian world. This expansion is leading to changes in the methods of animal husbandry. The rapid development divides milk producers into winners and losers of the restructuring. But what form of milk production do the farmers and consumers want? How healthy is milk in truth? And why is the milk market booming in the first place? What are the positive and negative aspects of this industry? Thomas Stollenwerk has written a factual book about milk that leaves no question unanswered.