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Coverabbildung von "Der verkaufte Feminismus"

Beate Hausbichler - Feminism sells

How a political movement became a profitable label

From political struggle to lucrative catchword – a compelling analysis.

Feminism has undergone an astonishing change of image over the past few years. Superstars bandy about combative statements against sexism to appear politically engaged, advertising campaigns have adopted narratives on female self-determination as a standard tool, and career literature is spiked with calls for empowerment to gain a feminist hue. What is all the hype really about? And what threat does social media pose to the dialogue on equal rights? Beate Hausbichler takes a closer look at the bold claims of feminism which in truth harbour nothing more than self-glorification, image cultivation and marketing – and highlights the considerable threat this poses to a political movement.

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224 pages
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ISBN: 9783701735266
Release date: 23.02.2021

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Beate Hausbichler

Born in Tirol in 1978, Hausbichler studied philosophy at the University of Vienna. She has been an editor at the Austrian daily broadsheet DER STANDARD since 2008 and is chief editor of the women’s issues desk since 2014. She lives in Vienna. Most recently published: “Der verkaufte Feminismus” (Feminism sells) (2021).

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