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Thomas Hörren - LIFE IN DEADWOOD

The secret world of insects and other creatures

Death, wood and eternal life

Few things are as diverse as deadwood. So much more than the remnants of old trees on the forest floor, it comes in an array of forms, providing habitats for insects and other organisms. Dead roots under the water, wooden coffins buried beneath the ground in urban spaces – this close interplay of decay and new life is all around us. If we look closely, we can see how the once-extinct beaver is now paving the way for other species, like the endangered saproxylic beetle. Deadwood also teaches us to have a positive outlook for our coexistence with local biodiversity, showing that there have already been a number of improvements in the past hundred years. An exciting journey through the secret world of insects, fungi and other creatures that live in the deadwood in our forests, parks and gardens.

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192 pages
format:140 x 215
ISBN: 9783701736201
Release date: 23.09.2024

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Thomas Hörren

born 1989 in Bergheim (Erft), lives in Essen. He is an enthusiastic biodiversity researcher and chairman of the Krefeld Entomological Society. Thomas Hörren played a key role in the "Krefeld Study", which publicised insect mortality. He successfully communicates his science in the media and on social media - as @totholz.thomas, he has a large following on Instagram. His first book "LIFE IN DEADWOOD" was published in 2024. 

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