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Reinhold Kubik Helmut Brenner - Mahler’s People

Friends and Peers

The individuals surrounding the great composer and conductor

Gustav Mahler’s circle of friends and colleagues ran into hundreds. Alongside famous contemporaries such as Richard Strauss and Gerhart Hauptmann, it included many people whose connection to Mahler is well known, but about whom we otherwise know little – from opera singer Rosa Papier, who was instrumental to Mahler’s engagement at the Vienna State Opera; landscape photographer Hugo Henneberg, whose wife Marie became godmother to Mahler’s daughter; to the lawyer Serafin Bondi, a member of the vegetarian association Mahler also belonged to. The book provides seventy fascinating biographies, filling the many gaps in Mahler’s biography.

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Release date: 18.09.2014

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Reinhold Kubik

born 1942 in Vienna, is a pianist, accompanist and composer, chief editor of Gustav Mahler’s collected works as well as curator of the exhibitions "Mahlerania" at the Jewish Museum Vienna (2005) and "Gustav Mahler and Vienna" at the Austrian Theatre Museum (2010). He is vice-president of the International Gustav Mahler Society (www.gustav-mahler.org). He lives in Vienna.

Helmut Brenner

born 1948 in Neuss, is the editor of the German edition of Mahler’s family letters (2006) and co-author, alongside R. Kubik, of the essay "Gustav Mahlers Wien – Eine Spurensuche" (Gustav Mahler’s Vienna – a tracing) for the catalog accompanying the exhibition "Gustav Mahler and Vienna" at the Austrian Theatre Museum (2010). He lives in Meerbusch near Düsseldorf, Germany.


Der Leser lernt nicht nur Mahlers Menschen kennen, sondern in ihren Lebensgeschichten auch den Menschen Mahler außerhalb der großen Opernhäuser.

Sorgfältig recherchiert. Mit zahlreichen Literaturangaben versehenen Porträts, aus denen sich Rückschlüsse auf Mahlers zwischenmenschliches Verhalten ziehen lassen.
[Quelle: Walter Dobner, DIE PRESSE]

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