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Esther Kinsky

born in Engelskirchen and grew up in the Rhineland. She has been awarded numerous prestigious prizes for her wide-ranging body of work, which includes poetry, essays and narrative prose as well as translations from the Polish, Russian and English. The most recent of these was the Kleist Prize in 2022, but she has also been nominated several times for the German Book Prize. For Grove she won the 2018 Leipzig Book Fair Prize. Her most recent publications include: Slates (2020) and Rombo (2022), as well as Disturbances with Residenz Verlag (2023).


Coverabbildung von 'Störungen'

Esther Kinsky - Disturbances

In this essay, Kinsky explores the human and natural influences on our environment that bring about fundamental changes. But what exactly characterises a disturbance, and how can we approach this negatively-charged word in a way that opens up unexpected avenues of thought? Esther Kinsky centres this essay around the concept of ‘disturbed land’. The term refers to a piece of land that is gradually being returned to a state of nature, generally after a period of very intensive use and appropriation by human beings. Drawing on various examples, Kinsky offers a powerful analysis of the tension between nature and culture, exploitation and reconquest, as well as historical pollution as a far-reaching field of disruption. Her perspective on the world leads to surprising and poetic insights.