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Thomas Bernhard

Thomas Bernhard was born on the 9th of February, 1931 in Heerlen, Netherlands, and dies on 12th of February 1989 in Gmunden, Upper Austria.1952-1957 he studied Music and Acting at the Akademie Mozarteum Salzburg, since 1957 he lived as a freelance author. He has received some of the most prestigious literature prizes and awards, among them the Österreichischer Staatspreis 1967 and the Georg-Büchner-Preis 1970, and is considered as one of the most important german language authors of his century.


Coverabbildung von 'Die Kälte'

Thomas Bernhard Lukas Kummer (Illustrated by) - The cold

An Isolation

His admission into the lung sanatorium Grafenhof heralded the start of a new chapter in the young Thomas Bernhard’s tale of suffering. In the isolation of the sanatorium he was at the mercy of the doctors, the nursing staff, his fellow patients and above all, himself and his will. In this hopelessness he practised revolt. It is his self-affirmation as a writer, the friendship with a musician, and singing which are stirring his will to survive and give him strength. In the end, Thomas Bernhard escapes the isolation of the lung sanatorium which is seems in Lukas Kummer’s illustrations like the coldest circle of hell, and emerges as the person we know today: one of the greatest writers of the 20th century.

Coverabbildung von 'Thomas Bernhards Salzburg'

Thomas Bernhard Nicolas Mahler (Illustrated by) Manfred Mittermayer (Afterword by) - Thomas Bernhards Salzburg

In Salzburg ist Thomas Bernhard aufgewachsen, hier hat er die prägenden Jahre seines Lebens verbracht, hier sind seine ersten Theaterstücke aufgeführt worden und seine ersten Bücher erschienen. „Eine perfide Fassade, hinter der alles Künstlerische absterben muss“, hat er Salzburg genannt, aber auch immer wieder beschrieben, dass es nichts Schöneres gebe als den Blick vom Mönchsberg hinunter auf die Festspielstadt. Ausgewählte Zitate belegen diese lebenslange Hassliebe, der kongeniale Zeichner Nicolas Mahler illustriert sie mit präzisen, liebevollen Bildern und der Experte Manfred Mittermayer begleitet sie mit einem kenntnisreichen Nachwort. Ein unverzichtbares Geschenk für Salzburg-Fans und Bernhardianer, die schon alles haben!

Coverabbildung von 'Der Atem'

Thomas Bernhard Lukas Kummer (Illustrated by) - THE BREATH

A Decision

“The Breath” forms the core of Bernhard's autobiography. It is where deepest despair and creative force are blended into the potent mix that makes his writing so unique, fascinating and boundary-breaking to this day. Bernhard was in his late teens when severe pleurisy abruptly wrenched him from his apprenticeship. He was hospitalised and considered terminally ill. But the 'room for lost causes' into which he is shunted turns out to be a place of new beginnings. Thomas Bernhard decides to live – and following the death of his grandfather resolves to become a writer himself. Lukas Kummer has found a rich and powerful imagery for this journey from near death to redemptive self-creation.

Coverabbildung von 'Der Keller'

Thomas Bernhard Lukas Kummer (Illustrated by) - The Cellar

A Withdrawal

In the second of his autobiographical works, Thomas Bernhard tells of the decision to remove himself from his life. Rather than continue attending school, he starts an apprenticeship in the cellar of a grocery store, on the outskirts of the detested town, in the ghetto of the have-nots and criminals. There he becomes acquainted with society's outcasts. He feels drawn to them and learns for the first time what it means to be accepted and to be 'useful'. Day-to-day life in the cellar turns out to be therapeutic. This place of limbo becomes a refuge, until a severe illness puts a sudden end to Bernhard's apprenticeship. In 'The Cellar', Lukas Kummer finds a relaxed pictorial language for the author's narrative tone. With precise strokes, Kummer accompanies Thomas Bernhard through what was probably the brightest period of his youth and throws a congenial light on the 'cellar'.