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Alek Popov Alexander Sitzmann (Translated by) - For the Advanced

A load of fun: these stories are dripping with dark humor and morbid wit.

One morning a man happens upon a newspaper ad in which someone – now that the free market has found its way to Bulgaria – offers services as an executioner. The man is curious. After all, 50 USD aren’t that much for a once in a lifetime experience, even if it ends in death. Then there’s Viktorija, who not only loses her heart, but also her head. What starts as an online romance ends up in a box in the fridge. … By the way: what do you do in Bulgaria when the fridge is as empty as your stomach? No problem, as long as Grandpa is still around. … That’s what a large family is for, isn’t it? Don’t be surprised, a lot of things are different in Bulgaria, but not everything is bad. This is what these stories by Alex Popov are about, delightfully told and compiled in this book. Where the fun ends for others, it just gets started for Alex Popov. He is a highly talented satirist, keen-witted and hilarious, a master of slapstick, always dancing on the edge. This is shameless humor: humor for the advanced.

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Aus dem Bulgarischen von Alexander Sitzmann
288 pages
format:125 x 205
ISBN: 9783701715251
Release date: 15.09.2009

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Alek Popov

was born in 1966, degree in Bulgarian philology, lives and works in Sofia. In total he has published six story collections and one novel. His stories and his novel "Mission: London" have been translated into several languages, among others: English, French and Hungarian.



Alexander Sitzmann (Translated by)

geboren 1974 in Stuttgart. Studium der Skandinavistik und Slawistik in Wien, forscht und lehrt an der dortigen Universität. Seit 1999 Übersetzer aus dem Englischen, Bulgarischen, Mazedonischen und den skandinavischen Sprachen. Andreas Sitzmann erhielt u.a. 2004 den Ehrenpreis des bulgarischen Kultusministeriums und 2016 den Österreichischen Staatspreis für literarische Übersetzung. Für den Residenz Verlag übersetzte er die Werke von Alek Popov und Ida Hegazi Høyer.


Popov´s shortstories can be as well considered amusing, appalling - and with more than one grain of truth. DIE PRESSE This author is a satirist par excellence. NEUES DEUTSCHLAND, Dietmar Endler

Subtle is another pair of shoes. Popov narrates garish, full of action and mad turns. FALTER, Sebastian Fasthuber

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