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Yara Lee - Like riding the high seas

Marla and James are young. They fall in love, drift apart, then find each other again. It seems there is no limit to their happiness, until James takes Marla on his marine biology research trip to Mexico. There they become embroiled in a dark intrigue – and falter under the weight of misunderstandings and animosities. Ulysses is the product of another love, now long lost. But more importantly, he is Marla’s father who left her as a child. Struck by melancholy, he decides it is time to die. But first he must find the ideal place for it – or should he perhaps search for his lost daughter instead? Yara Lee’s début is a playful account of love and loss, and of the fact that searching and finding are not always linked.

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192 pages
format:125 x 205
ISBN: 9783701716876
Release date: 06.02.2018

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Yara Lee

Yara Lee was born in Germany, her real name is Afamia Al-Dayaa. She studied classical piano and writes under the pen name Yara Lee. After her studies at Trossingen University of Music and a term abroad at the Conservatoire Royal de Bruxelles in Belgium, she moved to Vienna in 2011. Here she studied language arts at the University of Applied Arts and continued her music studies at the University of Music and Performing Arts. "Like riding the high seas" (2018) is her first novel. An advance copy appeared in the Austrian literary journal "manuskripten" in 2017.

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