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Martin Lechner

Martin Lechner

born 1974 in Lüneburg, studied philosophy and literary studies at the University of Potsdam. He has contributed to literary magazines such as "Bella Triste", "manuskripte", and "Edit" and has published several short stories. His debut novel,"Kleine Kassa" was long listed for the German Book Prize 2014.


Coverabbildung von "Der Irrweg"

Martin Lechner - Der Irrweg

Sprachgewaltig, komisch und ausdrucksstark erzählt Martin Lechner vom Schulabbrecher Lars, der seinen Zivildienst in den Werkstätten einer psychiatrischen Anstalt ableistet. Nur im „Brockwinkel“ findet Lars Zuflucht vor seiner Mutter, deren Übergriffe schlimmer sind als jeder tobende Patient. Hier begegnet Lars auch der Insassin Hanna, die ihn aus dem Nichts in die herrlichsten Handgreiflichkeiten verwickelt, deren Kompromisslosigkeit jedoch bald bedrohliche Ausmaße annimmt. Ist sie es, die das Auto des Werkstättenleiters abgefackelt hat? Und werden die Flammen ihrer Liebe bald auch den durchs Leben stolpernden Lars verbrennen? Und kann, wer auf dem Irrweg ist, je zurückfinden in ein geordnetes Leben?

Coverabbildung von "After five-hundred and twenty days of sea"

Martin Lechner - After five-hundred and twenty days of sea

Lechner's stories collide like waves. They pass on words, images, or moods, flow into one another and yet, remain self-contained. They are uncanny and high-spirited and tell us about desperate lakes and knees to fall in love with. They are about films we vaguely remember and brightly lit cities, silently bursting bubbles of blood and summers long brushed aside. They are all at home in a language where something new and unexpected awaits behind each turn. Lechner achieves this feat with humor, the absurd and sentences that give us a touch of the ungraspable.

Coverabbildung von "Petty Cash"

Martin Lechner - Petty Cash

Apprentice Georg Rohrs isn't the sharpest tool in the box. But he has a dream: he wants to be the elevator boy in a seaside hotel, wants to escape on the night train with his first love Marlies and escape the confinement of his life at home. When Georg happens upon a dead body and accidentally steals his boss's suitcase full of dirty cash, his life begins to unravel: within a single weekend Georg loses his job, his apartment, his parents, his friends, his money, his love and maybe a piece of his sanity – and yet, at the end of this neck-breaking tour-de-force, an unknown sense of freedom awaits him... Martin Lechner's fast-paced debut novel is a whirlwind adventure where provincial comedy meets literary genius. Nominated for the German Book Prize 2014 (Longlist)