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Mieze Medusa - Your turn

“Your Turn” will make you laugh and cry – just like real life.

Three lovable outsiders search for their place in the world. Agnesa, an 18-year-old Vienna city girl with migrant background who left school without qualifications, computer nerd Eduard, whose midlife crisis has turned him into a stalker in the wilds of the world wide web, and Felicitas, a feminist who’s still fighting the good fight at 69, even though she has followed her true love into the province. Their paths cross and they soon realise that life is better when shared, even if it means that some dearly held falsities have to fall by the wayside. Writer and performer Mieze Medusa has enjoyed years of success on the poetry slam circuit. Now she’s delivered a novel that combines humour and warmth with its very own language to capture the voices of today.

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256 pages
format:125 x 205
ISBN: 9783701717293
Release date: 26.01.2021

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Mieze Medusa

Mieze Medusa, whose legal name is Doris Mitterbacher, was born in 1975 and has lived in Linz, Innsbruck, London and now Vienna. She has toured internationally as rapper and spoken word performer since 2002 and has kept her MC name as a literary author. Her debut novel “Freischnorcheln” was published in 2008. She has since published prose texts and poetry slam material, as well as recordings of the hip hop duo “mieze medusa & tenderboy”. She has also produced a number of theatre pieces and realised experimental music projects. Most recently published: “Du bist dran” (Your turn) (2021).

Pfarrsaal Neu-Rum, Serlesstraße 27, 6063 Rum
Literaturhaus Graz, Elisabethstrasse 30, 8010 Graz
Kultursommer Wien, Wallensteinplatz, 1200 Wien
Bibliothek Lannach, Hauptplatz 1, 8502 Lannach

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